Hotel Policies


To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all house guests, visitors must please leave the premises by 9.00pm, if visitors wish to stay past 9.00pm they will be required to book their own room. Due to fire safety regulation single rooms are unable to be occupied by more than one person.

Early cancellation

Guests are required to advise 48 hours prior to departure if shortening or Cancelling booking. 1 nights accommodation will be charged for all Cancellations and early departures not advised within 48 hours.


For security all gates are closed at 9.00pm, if you arrive past 9.00pm please use your room key to gain access via the pedestrian gate at Reception.


Please keep noise to a minimum at all times so as not to disturb other guests. Management reserve the right to evict any guest should it be deemed necessary. Particularly in the hallways, rooms and between 9pm and 8am. 


Smoking is not permitted on any concrete or undercover area. A designated smoking are has been set up for guests located away from the main premises under the pergola.


Drinking alcohol is allowed at Tropical Lodge. Please be respectful of other guests. 

Damage/extra cleaning

Damage caused by Guests or their visitors will be liable to be paid by the Guest responsible. Any extra cleaning required, i.e. cigarette butts, empty drink bottles/ glass or soiled sheets will be liable to be paid by the guest or visitor of the guest responsible.

Kitchen facilities are available to be used by guests. Please clean up your own dishes and wipe down your bench when finished.

Identification Requirement

Upon check in, it is a requirement that photo Identification be presented. Tropical Lodge is unable to check guests in with out photo ID.